A Tricoper from the Saar


My German is basically non-existent, so I am constantly discovering wonderful new words in that language.  This week I learned the word “Flugroboter” – literally, “flying robot”, but generally applying to what the English literature calls “drones”.

Honestly, Flugroboter is so much cooler name than “drone” or eve UAV!

I was actually trying to grok an interesting looking tricoper, from Universität des Saarlandes. These copters—Flugrotoers!—have three instead of the now common four rotors.

This seems to stem from earlier work reported in a poster [1].

The new videos demonstrate the that it certainly works, especially the automatic stabilizing.

Of course, what catches the eye is the fact that the researcher is wearing protective gear, which is rarely seen in UAV demonstrations.

Is this device especially dangerous, or is this lab especially cautious?

Anyway, I’m happy to learn a new word, Flugroboter, which, by the way, is an excellent name for a band!

  1. Marius Jank, Simon Luckas, and Karsten Weber, Entwicklung eines Greifers für einen Flugroboter. Universität des Saarlandes Mechatronisches Projekt, 2016. https://www.uni-saarland.de/en/lehrstuhl/rudolph/research/stud-projects/greifer-fuer-einen-flugroboter.html


Robot Wednesday  (Roboter Mittwoch)

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