Blog Roundup 2018

Five Years!

The end of this year (actually on January 5 2019) marks FIVE YEARS of daily blogging. (I’m told that this would be the “wood” anniversary, so send lumber and firewood!)

This means that I have posted to this every single day since 5 January 2014!

The Motto of This Blog Is:

“It may not be good, but it is consistent”

Total traffic to the bog was up 45%(according to the highly imperfect statistics I get.  What I see is a very definite case of a “long tail”—many, many different posts each getting a few hits, adding up to quite a few.  In fact, there seems to be little pattern other than this, at least in the stats reported to me.

So, consistency pays off!

I also noticed some weirdness in the reporting after the EU privacy rules kicked in.  Reported traffic from Europe dropped to almost zero, which I attribute to a combination of unavailability and suppression of trackers

Overall traffic has been quite variable since, with huge bursts and surges over 4-5 days.  Furthermore, the bursts are associated with traffic from China and HK which looks a like it might a bot sweeping through and caching copies of hundreds of pages.  I don’t have enough information to explore these suggestive patterns.

The New Book!

Even bigger news this year!  My new book was published in April!  (There is a blog to go with the book.)

  1. Robert E. McGrath, What is Coworking? A look at the multifaceted places where the gig economy happens and workers are happy to find community, Urbana, Robert E. McGrath, 2018.

This book represents the fruit of several years of research and writing (and rewriting).

The perfect gift for all ages!

And if you are a glutton for punishment, there is a video of a Pecha Kucha talk from the book.

Whatever Interests Me

As usual, I continue to blog about whatever the heck interests me enough to blog about it.

This year there has been lot’s on:

Dinosaurs, Robots, and The Cyryosphere, Oh My!

Quantum Computing and Solar Energy, and, of course, The New Way of Work

Crypto Tulip of the Year

The second annual Crypto Tulip of the Year will be announced in early January. <<links>>  For more info see last year’s winner, and the new “what it takes” page.

A Crypto Tulip Song

It’s the best year ever!
Getcher Crypto Tulips Here!

Fraud, fraud, fraud, is leapin’
Bugs, bugs, bugs, are swamin’
Regulators are regulatin’
Lawyers are lawyerin’
Centralized services are thrivin’
Coins still don’t scale up
Smart contracts are neither
And there is no consensus in the consensuss

But it’s the best year, best year ever!
Getcher Crypto Tulips Here!

Great Names for Bands

The ongoing list of great names for a band continues, inspired by Sensei Dave Barry. Here are a bunch, mostly taken from real scientific or technical papers.

“Putative sauropod footprints”
“Pterosaur Fur!” (or “Pterosaur Pfur!”)
“Large floating spawn catchers”  (should be said with Aussie accent):
“Solar powered floating larval incubation pools”
“Fossil blubber”
“Jurassic ichthyosaur”
“Leonardo’s Petalos”
“Leonardo’s Lost Robots”
“The CryptoTulips”*
“Irrationally Exuberant Technophilic Mania”*
  (my own coinages)
“crating the swarms of microbots”
“Quantum Rods”
“Flow Batteries”
“The Blue-throated Hillstars”
“Bison Calves of Banff”
  (pron.: Floog-robotah)
“Density Cusps”
“The Fungi Under The Woods”

“Force Jacket” (or maybe “FORCE JACKET”)
“Frog Fungus Catastrophe”
“The Adversarial Patches”

“Psychedelic toasters
(this one has probably has already been used)
“Judicious Design of Nanofins (or perhaps, “Righteous Design of Nanofins” or just “Nanofins”)
“Rapid genome downsizing”
“Diffusivity of Water in Air”
“The Gymnosperms”
“Pulsar Positioning System”
“Galactic Positioning System”
“Mushroom Body”
“A Spritz of Octopamine”
“Hebbian Learning” (almost certainly has been used)
“The Possible Ecologies of Mars”
“Ornament Evolution”

Books, Books, Books:

I reviewed 76 books this year.  See the roundup here:

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