Book Review: “Angels of Music” by Kim Newman

Angels of Music by Kim Newman

Another fine entertainment from Kim Newman.

The Paris Opera is a well known nexus of paranormal activity, inhabited by a Phantom AKA the Ghost, and saturated by magic from dome to underground lake and  home to uncanny events and entities of all kinds.

In Angels of Music, Newman recounts the long career of the Opera Ghost Agency. Led by the mysterious Ghost/Phantom (Erik), trios of astonishingly talented women, his “Angels of Music”, foil nefarious supernatural activities in Paris throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The angels include some women we’ve heard of, and others we wish we knew of, and some who are so strange and dangerous that perhaps it is well that we have never met them.

OK, this could be described as” Phantom of the Opera meets Charlies Angels”.  And that’s fair.  (Hey, if you are going to copy, copy something good!)  The fun is in just how the mash up is done, and it’s very well done indeed.

Newman is brilliantly funny and interesting to read,and deeply steeped in popular culture from the nineteenth and twentieth century.

How can we not want to read about Irene Adler (The Woman), Eliza, Gigi, Rima, and all the other amazing women, who contend with Vampyres of Paris (a gang, not in fact undead), a bat man, and even Charles Foster Kane and a whole Casino Royale filled with villains including Bret Maverick.

Great fun indeed.

  1. Kim Newman, Angels of Music, London, Titan Books, 2016.


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