Book Review: “Highfire” by Eoin Colfer

Highfire by Eoin Colfer

Prolific author Eoin Colfer has written a lot of imaginative fiction, a lot of it for young adults (of which I have read little).  I gather that this is the first novel in a while from him, and aimed for “adults”.

The titular Highfire is Lord Highfire, an ancient Wyvern, possibly the last living dragon.  The secret to survival is staying away from people, so Vern (as he styles himself) has been living in the Louisiana bayous outside of New Orleans.  As you might expect, it’s getting harder and harder to stay hidden, even in the swamps.

Whether he wants it or not, people are going to find him.  Good people and bad people.

Young Everett “Squib” Moreau accidently crosses paths with Vern, who generally eliminates such loose ends. But Squib gets a chance to serve Vern, and when the dragon attracts the attention of a really nasty bastard, everyone is soon tangled in some bad stuff.

Dragons are dangerous but not indestructible. And knowing a dragon may be cool, but it also attracts danger.   So things get a lot more interesting than anyone really wants.

As we would expect from Colfer, it’s a great story, the characters are charming, and the dialog is witty.  I really enjoyed it.

  1. Eoin Colfer, Highfire, New York, Harper Perennial, 2020.


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