Book Review: “Koko the Mighty” by Kieran Shea

Koko the Mighty by Kieran Shea

 This book is a sequel to Koko Takes A Holiday, continuing the story of retired mercenary Koko Marstellar in a future time with high sea levels, vast swaths of polluted badlands, lot’s of technology, and little central government. The solar system is run by corporate empires and private soldiers, such as Koko.

Actually Koko’s retirement isn’t going too well, as trouble keeps seeking her out. In this case, a seriously dangerous bounty hunter is on her trail, pursuing an old reward. Koko must ditch her cushy retirement to escape and flee and fight.

These stories are kind of cartoonish, sort of graphic novels without the graphics. Oh, wait. That would be “a novel”.

Anyway, there is plenty of fighting, some cool tech (mostly, but not all, military) and sketches of this future society (with emphasis on the pleasure industries). The characters are not deeply drawn, nor are they introspective. Relationships are simple, as is the dialog . This is not difficult reading, nor is intended to be.

There is a lot of violence but it isn’t overly graphic or detailed. Ditto with sex and every other human interaction. There is a lot of weaponry, both simple and high tech. But the weapons are neither the stars of the show, nor fetishized.

(There is a priceless description of how a “no fly zone” works in this corporate world. It’s not what you are thinking, and it’s hilarious.  Worth reading the book just for that.)

This was a pleasant, light read. There is sure to be a sequel.


  1. Kieran Shea, Koko the Mighty, London, Titan, 2015.


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